Welcome to the MMFR website!

If you have a ferret you need to find a home for, please call and I will see if I know anyone looking for a home. I do not run a rescue anymore, but I get calls still for people wanting to adopt ferrets.
Currently there are two ferrets who need a home.

This is Sadie. Sadie is three, and best friends with Sasha.

This is Sasha! She is young for her age of eight, and she is best friends with Sadie. They cannot be separated. She also has a small benign tumor on her face which is not noticeable. But at her age it is not recommended to remove and it is harmless.

Sasha and Sadie playing together. Both are very loving and wonderful, but I recently found out they should go to a home with no other ferrets. They need to have someone who can play with and pay attention to them daily. They come with a three story Ferret Nation cage, bottles of Ferretone, toys, hammocks, and a large bag of food.

Sasha again.

If you have called me on the other ferrets, they are adopted out - and I have had the worst of luck with calling everyone back because I had the flu and then got hospitalized. I had so many calls I am just now trying to get back into finding out who was interested in what animals, and I am sorry that I did not get back to everyone.


Prior to 2006 we were a no-kill, private rescue based in Lansing, MI, but I have sinced moved. Now I find ferrets homes with either people who have adopted from me in the past, or through people on my waiting list. If you need to find your ferret a home, you can call us at anytime day/night. I also will give you information on all ferret rescues in Michigan if you need to surrender to one of them.

If you have a ferret who is sick and needs immediate medical attention, please contact us and we will get you information on where you need to take your ferret. There are still two shelters operating in the lower peninsula, one in Hazel Park, MI and one in Grand Rapids, MI. If your situation is immediate and you can't wait to find your ferret a home, you may need to bring it to one of these shelters.

The movies above show ferrets adopted in the past. They would show adoptable ferrets but they have all been adopted out! If you want to adopt a ferret, you can ask to be put on a waiting list, or ask us for rescues in Michigan and contact information.

You can contact us at  1-616-328-5711. If there is no answer please leave a message. You can also contact us using mmfr@savetheferrets.org. If you haven't received an email or call back from me, please contact me again.